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  • Using Baby Turbans For Babies in the Winter


    We are finally in the month of December which means it’s time for the holiday festivities, end of year reflections and also in most places it means its winter.This might be the first winter for some babies or your child’s first winter as a toddler. Whatever age your kid is, you shouldn’t let the cold weather deter you from having a good time, going out for fun activities or dressing you baby up in stylish clothes and accessories. You just have to be prepared and know how to dress them for the cold. Below are some tips and clothing items and accessories to help you have the most fun with your kids during the winter and stay warm.

    Baby Turbans and Hats

    Hats are always a fun accessory but have you tried Baby Turbans? Baby turbans are a new fashion trend still gaining popularity. They are functional and cute and perfect for the winter months. They will keep your baby warm and also complement their outfit in a stylish way. For hats, they are an age-old accessory unbeatable in their functionality and relevance. Hats that have fleece or faux fur lined on the insides are great for the winter months. Also get hats that cover your kids’ ears to keep them warm and comfy.

    Mittens and Gloves

    Mittens and gloves go hand in hand with other winter accessories. (pun intended). If your kids’ hands are exposed it might make them feel colder so a glove is needed. If you don’t want to cover their whole arms then you can get them to wear mittens. Change out the mittens or gloves if they get wet as when wet they’ll cause the cold instead of keeping your kids’ hands warm


    You probably already started layering your baby’s outfit from the fall months and as the weather gets colder you have to add more layers. With layers, you can take off a piece of clothing or add another layer depending on if the temperature gets colder or warmer and that’s one good advantage of layering. This also works great if you are going to be going from outside to inside. You can always just strip a layer off if your baby starts to get hot and then add it back on if you take him or her out of the carrier where they might be more chilly. A good rule of thumb is that your baby needs one more layer of clothing than you do. Make sure your baby has on very warm socks or boots too.

    Winter Activities

    If you’re going to be outdoors for a winter activity like skiing or playing in the snow, a snowsuit or bunting provides a great buffer against the cold and snow. Once your baby is dressed in his outfit for the day, you can simply slip him into the snowsuit or bunting just before you head out the door or get out of the car. Snowsuits have form-fitting legs and arms, and most are equipped with hoods, while buntings are more like little sleeping bags, with a seam between the legs to make stroller snap-ins easier. Look for gear with a good layer of insulation and a water-repellent exterior fabric such as fleece, flannel, or fiberfill. If you plan to take your baby out for winter expeditions or winter activities regularly, you’ll find it worth investing in some serious winter gear. A fuzzy seat liner for the stroller will provide extra bottom warmth, and a baby bunting that fits snugly inside the stroller or jogger will create a cozy cocoon. Look for water-repellent fabrics and a layer of insulation.

    Coats and Vest

    Coats for winter should go without mentioning however some parents could use some tips on the types of coats to buy for their kids. There are also some tips that could help when shopping for coats for your kids. Always buy a coat that one or two sizes bigger so it can fit over all the layering. There are several styles and types of babywearing coats, ponchos, and fleeces. You’re sure to find the right level of warmth for your climate if you do a little searching.

    Winter and Autumn Leggings

    Leggings are a very cute and always add a pop to an outfit. They are great for keeping legs warm and also for layering. You can wear leggings with your kids pants or dress to keep their feet warm. The extra layer keeps them warm and can be taken off if it gets too hot. Also if you need to change your kid’s outfit in case of a spill, for example, you don’t have to worry about their legs being exposed to the cold even for a few seconds.

    And lastly, sometimes baby pants hike up when you put them in a carrier or carry them but the leggings will stay put leaving none or minimal skin exposed and their little leg on the bottom is not exposed to the cold air but wrapped in warm and comfortable leggings.

    Blankets and Wraps

    On frigid days, you can wrap a blanket around their stroller or snowsuit. Don’t use a slippery blanket so your baby does not slide out of your hands. A stroller blanket is also a handy tool for taking walks or when you’re out and about in the town… Also handy to have: A stroller blanket, bag, or sack designed to attach to a stroller so it won’t slip off. A blanket made out of wool or fleece will be great and cashmere if you can afford it. If you don’t want to invest in a bunting or snowsuit, dress your baby in warm, layered clothing, then wrap him in a cotton receiving blanket, and top it off with another, heavier blanket.

    Final Tips

    Once you’re indoors like if you stop by the supermarket or pop by a cafe or friends house, take at least one layer off your baby’s clothing so he or she won’t start to perspire. If your baby perspires, when you go back in the cold winter air, the dampness will make him or her colder. Also, if you’ve covered your baby with a blanket in the car, you’ll want to take it off once the car warms up.